Pumpkin Art

Pumpkin Art

“Carving pumpkins from an early age is a childhood memory we all share.”

Having children presented us the experience to relive those memorable moments when we would celebrate Halloween by carving pumpkins for the front step and now we teach our children how to do the same and enjoy this family tradition and create everlasting memories.

Fast forward and I find pleasure in carving pumpkins to celebrate people by capturing their likeness in backlit pumpkins and create an enjoyment for the neighbourhood children and their parents that come by on Halloween. Year to year people will come to my drive to view the carvings that I have done for their enjoyment. They capture many pictures and imbibe in conversation as to how these pieces were achieved. I’ll let you in a little secret. No carving has taken more than a half an hour of my time. The final product is only revealed when a light is inserted into it otherwise as you look at the character on the pumpkin it becomes unrecognizable until shadows are darkened and light areas are illuminated.

Today I present to you A collection of past carvings. Please enjoy and remember Art is what you make it, Art makes you feel good, Art it’s good soul food,Art is for everyone.

Christopher Finkle