En plein air

En plein air

En plein air

Painting en plein air to me, is one of the most natural and exhilarating forms of painting one can experience.

Early on in my painting adventure I thought I would go outside of my comfort zone one again and enter the en plein air competitions sponsored by the Quinte Arts Council.

Around 2012 I decided to challenge myself with the art of painting outside. The shy inexperienced person that I am , I sequestered myself into areas that nobody would see me painting, and I could concentrate fully on the experience that was presented to me.

I chose two old East Hill homes that I previously enjoyed growing up and being around them as a child.

It wasn’t until the event showcased all of the paintings from the competition on the walls of the historic Dinkels restaurant in which all the public attended and viewed .En plein air enthusiasts spoke to the various artists about the inspirations behind their paintings. Now I’m hooked!

I have found one of the most relaxed and serene experiences I could’ve ever imagined. Since then, I have experienced many en plein air shows and eventually was asked by the QAC to mentor a class of children in the fine art of en plein air painting.

To date I have painted vintage doorways, back alley ways, tree lines, Victoria Park, a sailboat, and Street scenes that have hung in both the Quinte Arts Council and the Parrott Art Gallery.

Recently in 2023 again I entered into the Quinte Arts Council sponsored en plein air show and chose as my location an area down at the beautiful Bay of Quinte amongst all the sailboats and the majestic Myers pier.

The second piece that I chose was that of an Asian fisherman that showed up beside me throughout my first day of painting and was beside me spending his day on the banks on the Bay of Quinte catching fish for his family.

I wanted to paint him from the side casting his glistening line in, but unfortunately he was not a willing participant. I mean he never stayed in the same place long enough for me to capture his likeness.

It was then that I thought to myself, I will just paint him from behind capturing the stillness of him sitting there on the rocks in the simple beauty and calmness of the Bay of Quinte. That painting that I entitled “on the rocks” was chosen as an honourable mention in the show and to this I am extremely grateful.My accidental experience was my reward .

Thanks for your time reading this blog.

Christopher Finkle